cheap breakfast on goa for a dollar

Cheap breakfast in Goa for a dollar for two people

It’s not an offer from a Goa hotel to lure clients with cheap breakfast for a dollar and we’re not backpackers with half of the filled backpack of food. We’re just ordinary travelers with a bit of imagination and with one dollar in a pocket.

What breakfast did we get only for one dollar for two people?

It’s 4 hard-boiled eggs(20 INR), 4 fresh tomatoes(10 INR),  local bread(10 INR),  jam(10 INR), tea(5 INR), and fruits(20 INR). Everything we bought in local shops and markets. Moreover, our cheap breakfast in Goa for a dollar was tasty and healthy!

Average breakfast price on Goa

If to compare the price of Indian food with other west countries then it’s cheap but if to compare the regions inside India then Goa is quite an expensive place. The huge amount of coming tourists made the price higher than the average in India.

In contrast with prices in hotels and surrounding restaurants, the average breakfast for one person is 200 INR it’s around 2,8 $ and the price only for one meal like an omelet with tomatoes from 100 INR (1,40 $). Therefore the total cost of continental breakfast for two people starts from 400 INR (5,6 $). We stayed in Goa on 5 nights so, to sum up totally we saved around 20 $ only on breakfasts. Not bad, isn’t it?

Sure if you have included breakfast in your hotel all these numbers don’t matter for you. We such an option didn’t have and didn’t want it. The fruits and vegetables we bought from a small girl who’s father keep a small stall with fruits and vegetables. The local bread we bought from the local guy on a bicycle with a cheerful signal. You could find him only on a sound. The rest of the stuff we got in a supermarket where the seller doesn’t speak in English and showed the price on his calculator. Is it not that cool, to feel the spirit of the place by interaction with local people instead of boring breakfast in the hotel?

From where is the idea to have a full breakfast set but for an adequate price?

The idea to have a full breakfast set but for adequate price came up to us when we used the TripExBud forecast spend. The app showed that we were going to exceed our budget for the food & drinks category. Budgeting on such levels gives travelers awareness in available funds and saving some coins.

I mentioned about hard-boiled eggs and you are wondering how. We had with us an immersion heater, however, the hotel’s electronic kettle also can be useful here. By the way, the boiled eggs it’s not a single option that you can cook there are plenty of them as noodles or porridge. 

All the time the same breakfast?

We’ve traveled already for 2 weeks around India and as a result, we tired from the traditional spicy Indian breakfasts. As said the owner of one family restaurant: “A little spicy – no spicy”. Hence, for us, the usual food was like a breath of fresh air and rest for our stomachs. Also, we added extra items like beans, cookies, catchup, dates, nuts but all was in a frame of the satisfying cost.


Most importantly, traveling in the world, we are trying to know and feel the country from inside by communicating with locals, traditional cuisine, music, and many other things. Above all, go out of hotels and get fun with getting products from local suppliers for your great breakfast. It’s what can be left as an adventure and unforgettable story of your journey.

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