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Daily Activity Timer app – your tool for Efficient Life

Basic functionality

Activity Timer helps to process with planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Using time effectively gives the person “choice” on spending/managing activities at their own time and expediency.

✅  It’s easy to set up flexible time intervals with a powerful interface

✅  Timer for repeatable activities with save option

✅  Activity Timer works in the background while you are focused on the task

✅  Personalized names for each hexagon time

✅  Big timer numbers

✅  Stylish and cool design

✅  Sound accompaniment

✅  It’s FREE

Activity Timer App Screenshots

app Daily Activity Timer countdown
app Daily Activity Timer save
app Daily Activity Timer create
app Daily Activity Timer save

Visual design

The application looks modern and cosmic. It’s like you got into some kind of science fiction movie. Here you are on a spaceship and working with this incredible interface. During design creation, we were inspiring or favourite movies such as Star Track and Iron Man. Since our application is a very flexible and modernized version of a regular timer, we wanted to bring some space and future technologies to it.


Activity Timer has such widespread use. So, you can use it everywhere:

Yoga, Workout, Tabata, Running, Circuit, Fitness, Aerobic, Cross-Training, Compound Exercises, Boot Camp, DOMS, Stretching, Warm-Up, Swimming, Work, Presentation, Speech, Sprint, Meeting, Time Management, Cooking, Meditation, Games, Routine tasks, and many others.

Accordingly, the audience is so wide that every inhabitant of our beautiful planet can use this application for their special purposes.

Activity Timer Use Everywhere

Simplicity and ease of use

The beauty of this application is that it is very simple. With two clicks, you can configure any interval or group of intervals.

Also, you can save your favourite intervals and use them next time again. It is quite useful. Personally, I have timers for work, reading, cooking, physical exercises and even meditation. While writing this article, I also use the Activity Timer app 🤓 .

Why do I like the Activity Timer app?

1. It helps me “eat a frog” 🤢 . When a task seems complicated or not interesting to me, I agree with myself that I will try to do the task for 30 minutes, and then switch to something else. Often the task is not so terrible and overwhelming as I imagined it at first.

2. I managed to do more things in a day. My schedule is divided into tasks with a given time. Now I do not need to worry whether I have done enough or not. I have a task with pre-allocated time for it. I turn on the Activity Timer and focus entirely on it. The quality of the completed work has increased significantly and my satisfaction with the process as well.

3. I read twice as many books. Oddly enough, but if you read at least 20 minutes per day every day, you can read about 2 books a month. And of course, the Activity Timer also helps me with this.

To be honest, I can not imagine my life without this timer. It helps me all day. And even my family learned to respect it. If I still have 10 minutes to complete the task, then this is an argument to wait and not distract me ☝️ .

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