Unforgettable 3-days trip from Bodrum to Pamukkale for 38$

From Gumusluk to Bodrum

We started our trip from Gumusluk village. It is a very nice place to stay near the sea – romantic and cosy.😍 
From Gumusluk to Bodrum bus station we took a local bus. Price 6 TL, time 40 minutes.

If you plan to go by this road, pay attention that in these local buses you can pay only by credit card or local transport card. NO CASH. And foreigners cards were not accepted. So, top up your transport card in Bodrum before going to Gumusluk village in both ways.


From Bodrum to Denizli

Okay, you are on the Bodrum bus station. To buy tickets you should go to Pamukkale office and buy tickets to Denizli. As Pamukkale village is the small point near big city Denizli, there are no direct buses to Pamukkale village. Ticket price 65 TL, time 5 hours. Also, you can buy tickets online at the company website

pamukkale bus

As we arrived afternoon, we decided not to go on this day to Pamukkale complex because of this place worth to spend the whole day on it. 🤩

From Denizli to Pamukkale or Karahayıt

To get from Denizli bus station to Pamukkale or Karahayit you should go to the lower level of bus station and find platform #76. Price as on a picture 5.5 TL, time 40 minutes. You will pay by cash inside the bus.

denizli to pamukkale

Relax at Karahayıt village

For staying I strongly recommend Karahayıt village. They have really entertaining Bazar with own pleasant atmosphere 🤗. The hotels are cheaper there and in some hotels, thermal baths are included directly in the room 🛀. In our case, it was ÇAVDAR THERMAL HOTEL.
☝️ Small hack: due to the thermal water is about 60 degrees, you should wait about 3 hours before managed to plunge into it. So, you can pour the bath and go for walk, for instance.


Time to visit Pamukkale complex 🥳

It is only 1 bus stop from Karahayit to Pamukkale or 40 minutes walking to North gates of Pamukkale complex (Hierapolis part). After an amazing traditional local breakfast on Karahayit Bazar, we decided to walk to Pamukkale complex. If you have time and ability, I would recommend walking 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️.

north gate pamukkale

Which ticket choose to Pamukkale?

There are 2 options:80 TL – enter to Pamukkale and Hieropolis. We chose this option. But if you have a big budget I would recommend visiting all points.For 100 TL you additionally get entry to the Theater, museum and Laodicea (it is out Pamukkale complex and quite far away).Additionally, if you want to swim in Kleopatra bath you have to buy a ticket which cost 10$.

It is easy to enjoyable spend the whole day in Pamukkale complex. So, you can take some snacks or fruits with you. And, of course, water 💦 . There is a cafe on the territory but prices there are high.

Also, I would recommend taking with you a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

Some people recommend taking a cotton bag for shoes but we just left our shoes on the top of Travertines 🤠.

Personally, I recommend coming about 9 am and go directly to travertines before a lot of people coming. And then, just wander around this complex for a whole day. Travertines and Hierapolis are amazing places to take a lot of beautiful pictures.

travertines pamukkale

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