how to get from goa airport to arambol

How to reach Arambol beach from Goa airport for 1$?

There are 2 ways how to get from Goa Airport to Arambol: taxi 🚕 or local bus 🚌. If you arrive at night, you have only one option – a taxi.

Way 1: take a taxi 🚕 from Dabolim airport to Arambol

Taxi price is varied from 1500 INR (20$) to 2500 INR (33$) and depends on how you order it. If you just go from the airport and take a taxi, it will cost 2500 INR or more. 

Another option is to download GoaMiles app before the trip, and order taxi through the app when you arrive. Distance 60 kilometres, time 2 hours. Cost 1500 INR. We used the second option because it was the night 🌌 and buses just did not go. I have read that some travellers stayed at the airport till the morning and after that took the bus. So, you can decide 😉. 

Way 2: Use local bus 🚌 from Dabolim airport to Chikalim => Panjim => Mapusa => Arambol

To get to Arambol by bus you should do the next 4 steps:

1️⃣  From the Goa airport walk to Chikalim station. Distance 1.7 kilometres, time 21 minutes. Price 0 INR. Here is an additional option to take a taxi to Chikalim station for 90 INR (1.2$) if you are so tired to go by foot.

chikalim station india map

2️⃣  From Chikalim bus station take the bus to Panjim Bus Stand. Distance 25 kilometres, time 50 minutes. Price 30 INR (0.39$). Pay attention, that after you get to the Chikalim bus station, you do not need to walk a lot – you just need to find the bus to the next bus station 😉.

india map route panjim

3️⃣   From Panjim Bus Stand take the bus to Mapusa Bus Stand. Distance 14 kilometres, time 40 minutes. Price 20 INR (0.26$).

Mapusa Bus Stand

4️⃣   From Mapusa Bus Stand take the bus to Arambol. Distance 22 kilometres, time 1 hour 50 minutes. Price 30 INR (0.39$).

arambol map

Let's sum up

As we can see, taking the bus you will spend only 80 INR (1$) and about 5 hours time (I’ve added 20 minutes for each stop where you can wait for next bus). It always matters of choice and priorities what way to choose 🤯😆.

⚠️  When you search your bus at the bus station, do not hesitate to ask bus drivers or conductors. They navigate you really quickly and do not trick you.

Finally, I would recommend taking cash ðŸ’µ to Arambol because there are a few ATM’s and without cash ðŸ˜³. Instead, there are a lot of currency exchange points ðŸ’±.

During our travel, we used our app TripExBud to track and predict our costs 💰. If you want to know how to have breakfast 🍳 on Goa for 1$ for two people, read our hacks here.

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