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How to see Taj Mahal for 3$?

Go to the Mehtab Bagh

Sounds strange🤨? Yeah, agree. But let me share what you will see:

tajmahal india

Mehtab Bagh is a garden situated in front of Taj Mahal. It has a good viewpoint to Taj Mahal. Ticket price for foreigners 250 (3$) INR if you pay by card or 300 (4$) INR for cash. Also, you can buy a ticket on website the Heritage Monuments of India for 250 INR. Here you can buy entrance tickets for monuments around the whole of India.


Of course, you can directly visit Taj Mahal😉. Ticket price for foreigners from 1050 INR (14$) to 1250 INR (17$).

Ease yourself 🎒🏖

After arriving in Agra, you can drop your luggage on railway station cloakroom. Cost 20 INR (0,27$) for 1 day for 1 backpack. Our backpacks were saved, so, it is quite a reliable place.

A little adventures 🗺👩‍🚀

Go from railway station to Mehtab Bagh by foot😱. Here is the route:

taj mahal park route from station

Cross the bridge and see a big laundry on the riverside:

laundry india street river

Moreover, there live a lot of monkeys on the bridge, but be careful, sometimes even locals afraid of the monkey’s gang. 

monkey india

Besides, you will see real slums. It could be a little dangerous, but it worth seeing how people live. 

In the Mehtab Bagh you can rest and enjoy the views, so, take some small mat with you. We also took fruits despite security said that it was prohibited🤫. Just clean after yourself and be a conscious citizen of the whole Earth 🙏

Oh, and if you get rid of communication with local people, just take tuk-tuk on the way back. It will cost 110 INR (1.5$) to the railway station. 

And if you want to eat dosa I can recommend butter paneer masala dosa at Manoj restaurant. It is a cheap place for locals. They add a lot of cheese inside, it was the best dosa I’ve ever tried 😍.

What next?

Read our blog about Varanasi India. This is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities, and one of the holiest in Hinduism. There are plenty of useful hints and hacks that will save you money and time.

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