international travelling

International travelling with less risk of coronavirus

Travelling is the blessing if you have a taste of it that will surely help you to explore more and more. Local, regional, and international travelling always helps you to groom up. It will enhance your exposure. But the most important thing in the ongoing era is that condition of freedom of movement is not normal as it was normal in the last where we can go anywhere just by getting tickets and planning up the trip. Now the situation has totally changed in the ongoing era because of the eruption of coronavirus🦠

Lockdown minimizes human movement and Tourism

Tourism is the backbone of the economy of any country. That is the reason every country introduced tourist-friendly policies just to let them visit their countries and explore more and more to let make them aware of the rest of the world. But during the pandemic that has caused the disease of more than 3 million people all around the world. So, countries imposed lockdown immediately when they observed that the situation was getting worsen with the passage of time. The main concern of all the countries was to stop immediately the international traveling because students and people around the world visit countries that can prove a major cause and most devastating factor behind the spread of the virus within a very short span of time. Thus, a ban was imposed on international flights. However, now the situation is getting better 🙏  with the passage of time.

Uplifting Ban from international flights with certain necessary travelling compulsions

Most countries have an uplift ban 🚫  on international travelling after the eruption of coronavirus with some precautionary measures so that to travel by saving humans by stopping the spread of coronavirus. There are certain guidelines that have been introduced by the respective governments and airlines which are mandatory to follow for the sake of travelling from one country or even city to the next. Now travelling atmosphere is getting normal with the passage of time. You can visit countries which are less affected by a coronavirus.

Is travelling more expensive because of coronavirus?

Despite of oil prices decreased in the international market, travelling is getting expensive. The important thing here to mention is that there are many countries which have made it a compulsion for individuals to purchase two tickets of seats in order to maintain the social distance in the aeroplane. Thus, if you are going to New Zealand, you will have to bear the expenditures of two seats that will costly of course. The pandemic has made international travelling too much expensive that will take much time to normalize the environment.

Although the travel expenses increased there are still exist ways to put it down. One of the things is the wise planning of trip budget and controlling expenses. The simplest way to install the tracking app and keep it always with you. Many apps provide more or less similar functions but one TripExBud app, in my opinion, is the best. 

How the style of travelling has been changed?

The travelling patterns have been totally changed regarding precautionary measures or keeping things with you or to measure travel expenditures. The reality is that things have been changed so dramatically because the shifts which have occurred after the emergence of coronavirus that shook the tectonic plates of global travelling. Before the emergence, there was no sort of precautionary measures which were to follow during travelling. You just need to have certain basic things such as

  • 🎫  ticket 
  • 💵. money to spend
  • ⏱️  time 

But in the ongoing era, things have been changed abruptly because of the pandemic. Now you need some extra things to travel. You need to have masks 😷  and sanitize hands from time to time to avoid contracting the coronavirus. You need to have a corona test before travelling from one country to the next. Many countries have also made it compulsory to have a corona test 🧪 before entry to their territories. Even if you go to different countries, you are not allowed to visit your desired places because lockdown still exists in many areas which are highly affected. That is the reason it is highly suggested you to not visit the countries which are highly affected by a coronavirus and still they are fighting with the pandemic for public survival. That will be absurd to visit the countries such as

  • United States of America
  • Brazil
  • Some Areas of Russia
  • Some areas of India
  • Peru
  • Iran 
  • Mexico 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan

Coronavirus is not in control of these countries. So these countries should be avoided to visit because the World Health Organization has warned about the rise of 2nd wave of coronavirus in multiple countries that can be more lethal more than the previous one.

Ideas about places countries

There are many ideas for travelling around the world even in the pandemic if you are much passionate about travel to explore the world. You must have enough money 💰 approximately double more than the normal situation. However, you can now visit multiple places. Find the best ideas below👇

Plan to visit the less affected countries

There are many countries in the world that are less affected by the coronavirus. The ratio of death and affected people are the lowest. And many of the countries are those have successfully overcome the pandemic in a very organized way. These countries have permitted international travel and also allowed tourists to their countries. The most blatant is of New Zealand whose Prime Minister has announced her country as the coronavirus free country. Australia is also facing fewer cases. Italy, Spain, and France are among other countries where coronavirus cases are decreasing day by day. Thus, you should prefer to visit the countries which are less affected by coronavirus or who have overcome the virus (most Europian countries). 

Also, Asian countries like Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. plan to resume international flights in the middle of August. And even today you can go to South Corea and Laos – they are still safe and open for tourism☀️✨.

Be careful visiting public places

You should be conscious of visiting the public places in the countries which are affected by a coronavirus. One important thing you must keep in mind is that you should always follow the precautionary measures☝️ while travelling, landing, and entering and then visiting your desired places. There are many chances still that you can make your travel desires accomplished but with the new lifestyles and patterns of wearing well-protected masks and wearing gloves. Just remember a simple truth – the main person who is responsible for you safety and life is You 🙌

So, stay safe, enjoy life, be positive, and… never stop travelling 🗺️  🖼️. 🧭. 🧳. 🚀