how to survive in Oslo

How to survive in Oslo with a small amount of money?

How to get from Warsaw to Modlin airport ✈️ ?

Our trip was started from Warsaw (Poland). To get to Modlin airport which situated near Warsaw you can use:

  1. bus 🚌, price about 8$ but if you buy in advance it you will pay 2$;
  2. train 🚆, price about 5$ all the time.

Travel time is about 50 minutes.$

Cheap flights from Warsaw to Oslo 😍

Departure to Oslo was at 6:40 a.m. 🛫 Flew time 1.5 hours. The cost of plane tickets was about 20$ per person round-trip. We have bought the tickets at

From Modlin Airport, Ryanair flies to Thorpe Airport. This is a small town located 118 kilometres from Oslo.

How to get from Torp airport to Oslo?

Accordingly, to get to Oslo you need to use the shuttle. We used the bus, moreover, it’s better to take a return ticket at once, because there will be a discount on it. The return ticket price for one person was 50$. Transfer from Torp Airport to Oslo lasted about 2 hours. Besides, you can take the train – the price is the same as a bus. Finally, the taxi option is always available. Of course, it depends on the traveller’s budget 🙂

So, 10:50 and we were in Oslo at the Oslo bus terminal.

Interesting spots in Oslo

Not far from the station is The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet (opera and ballet theatre) – a very interesting place with interesting architecture and beautiful views. Furthermore, there is a floating glass sculpture on the water, which changes its position throughout the day. It depends on the direction of the flow. I wonder what is the probability that this sculpture will simply be carried away to the sea later? 

You can walk along the riverside – the view on the theatre is picturesque 😍 There you can take a steam bath and after plunge into the bay. You can find such a pleasure for 11$. I must say right away that we were not able to take a steam bath – when we arrived there was a terrible heat 🥵 all the time. Therefore, we did not want to steam, but it could be really attractive.

Try free walking tour in Oslo 🤑

After the seaside, we went to the old town. I strongly recommend trying a free walking tour (we went with these guys Why a free walking tour? 🤔 Firstly, it is free up to some point – you can give that amount of tips which you think is reasonable. For instance, some guys from Ukraine left for the guide one small Snickers 😁. Secondly, after this excursion, we realized what places we wanted to visit again and got some new ideas and inspirations. And finally, our guide shared with us interesting places where we can have good meals for a reasonable price and which points we should avoid, just not to be robbed.

The free walking tour is started from the Tiger monument at 10.00 and 16.00 every day. Inspired by this tour we corrected our plans for the next two days. 

So, if you want to relax 🤗 Akershus Fortress is a good place to enjoy beautiful views, have a rest and grab a bite to eat. 

Tired and satisfied we decided to find a supermarket. There we bought products for 13$ for 2 people what is the equivalent of 1 simple meal in the restaurant. We ate these products together for 1.5 days😎

Cheap food in Oslo

⚠️Small life hack – there are a lot of products at a low price in the supermarket. Don’t worry, their quality and taste are good. One thing is that the expiration date is short, but still, you can eat this food without any consequences. If you have a low budget it is a good way to save your money 😉

With full of food backpacks, we went to our hotel Central City Apartments. We had chosen this place because of the price, good location (200 meters to metro station Toyen) and within walking distance of the city centre. Moreover, there was a good kitchen and tableware which allowed us to cook all the dishes like at home and save a lot of money. 

How to save money on transport in Oslo including cheap ferries?

To save money on transport you can buy a full day ticket (10$) and get unlimited access to all kinds of transportation including the ferries. Just to compare, a one-road ticket costs 4$ and a ticket for “excursion” ferries starts from 27$. As you can see, the full-day ticket is a good option 👍

Just not to be wordless, let me share our route. 

1. We started our journey around the islands from the early morning. The starting point for ferries is here. It took us half of the day but it is possible to spend far more time there. 

2. Then we visited Norway museum of art history. It was so impressive experience 😍

Also, we had a plan to visit Vigeland but were so tired, and decided to go there the next day. Park of sculptures in Vigeland is definitely worth a place to visit. 

Food Courts in Oslo

Before our leaving we found food court Vippa, Akershusstranda 25, 0150 Oslo. They have a good price and a really nice view of the port. 

If you want to save your travel budget, you can use the TripExBud application. We have created it for saving our money on a trip around the world, and it works very well 🤗

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