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Save money during lockdown due to Coronavirus COVID-19

The very popular topic these days, we are hearing it on everyone’s lips. Every day people check the statistic, watch the news, surfing the internet and wait. They wait when they can get back to their freedom of traveling, gladly to go on the recently hated job, to meet friends in a favorite pub to drink not one dozen a glass of beer. Now it looks like a past, like a dream from which we just woke up and want to go back in bed to watch the dream till the end.

Coronavirus COVID-19

How many plans where changed, how many flights and hotel bookings were canceled, how much money or how many closest people were lost due to coronavirus. But now not about the sad. The lockdown anyway will over, the coronavirus will become part of our history. I hope that this lesson will teach something to us. Our life will be finally normalized but till that time we need to survive and save money during lockdown due to Coronavirus COVID-19 to handle this time.

Locked borders | Stuck travelers

At least we are at home and have almost everything that we need to handle the lockdown. However, this is not about tourists. You know I was surprised to see how many tourists stayed abroad by choice until the situation with coronavirus is over or their home country is not safe to go back or corny they don’t have a choice as there are no flights. What do they do? Just live, many of them rent apartments in a long period, some of them, just imagine it, they rent the whole hotels. I heard the story about a group of people who returned from mountains in lockdown time and booked the whole hotel with three meals a day. They bought cheap laptops and now work remotely. So life is going on.

TripExBud app is our all

TripExBud originally is designed for travelers who want to spend the adequate price for services and save money for the next their trips. It perfectly does this job. Even more, now when the travel industry is on the hold and everyone sits at home / rented apartments this app can be more than useful ever.

Through the fact that this has never happened before with our planet that countries closed their borders, stopped all air connections, asked their citizen to sit at home, stopped manufacturers and spend billions on stabilization of the situation. The impact of all of this we defiantly will feel next months after it’s over. Some people already lost their jobs or companies cut the employee’s salaries on 10% -30% as it did Tesla. The wisely plan and stick a budget is what extremely needed nowadays. That for what TripExBud is made.

The saved dollar is earned dollar

Have you ever thought about what you saved is what you earned? It’s equal, the result the same – the money in your pocket. Extra money now is so crucial. Who knows how long the lockdown is going to persist. The better to be prepared for the worse scenario and hope on the best. Save or earn now to protect yourself and your family in the future.

You may ask me: “Hey, how the app for traveling would help me to save money?”. The app saves your money by controlling. You control where the money goes, only you decide how much to spend in this month and you know how much left from the previous month and know how to distribute additional funds on most necessary things. It’s an instrument powered to live/travel more and spend less.

Move on and leave it a part of history

In the history of mankind, we have dealt with even worse troubles. We will move this page too and will gather enough knowledge to prevent us from such cases in the future or at least it will make us stronger. The most important we should don’t lose a positive and use this time wisely: improve relationships with loved ones, overcome our weaknesses and increase our strengths sides, learn to live in fast-changing life, work on self-development and become a better version of ourself.

Be smart …

Want to be more focused and productive in lockdown?

Our new free product Daily Activity Timer helps to process with planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. It involves a juggling act of various demands upon a person relating to work, social life, family, hobbies, personal interests and commitments with the finiteness of time. Using time effectively gives the person “choice” on spending/managing activities at their own time and expediency.

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