While you keep Success Journal, you learn more about yourself, about the world, and the laws of success. As a result, you better understand yourself and your desires. And this makes you able to understand others. To fully understand yourself and the secret of the universe is an ideal that can never be fully achieved. But you can get a little closer to it.
If you really want to move your life forward, don’t forget to keep Success Journal. Because when you understand how your actions led to a positive outcome, you’ll literally have your own formula for success at your fingertips!

List of key features

To create this app we were inspired by the book “Kira and a dog named Money” by Bodo Schaefer.

The author wrote this book for children to teach them financial aspects related to money. It was written like a story of a small girl Kira and here dog named “Money”. The dog teaches Kira to learn how to set up goals and earn money to achieve it. Despite the book is for children we found it very interesting and useful even for adults as it opens, maybe on the first look simple things and all known, however always never used in life. One of the key things in this book is keeping the Success Journal. It motivates yourself base on past stories for evidence that you can cope with everything in the future. Success Journal app is a tool to analyze each accomplishment and determine what the drivers of success were. Look for ways that you can improve and don’t focus on failures.

If earlier it occurred to you why something didn’t work out, now you will become much more concentrated on what should happen. You will begin to look for ways to solve the problem, not an apology for failure. Fear appears when we imagine that our plan will not succeed. The more we think about what might turn out badly, the more we are afraid. But when you read your stories in the Success Journal app, you focus on your accomplishments. This helps to imagine how everything will turn out well. That’s what makes the Success Journal unique app and make it different for other journaling apps.

We hope this app will be useful for either adults and children.

About business model

We don’t want to build commercial relationships with our customers, we rather want to build their trust. That’s why all app features are free. If the user desires to support the project it’s possible to leave tips.