TripExBud helps to plan wisely your budget in destination country base on the experience of other travelers and your preferences. TripExBud gives the tool to track your expenses in multiple currencies and build the forecast for your spending. With TripExBud, you control your money and decide how much to spend on entertainment, shopping or whatever else during the trip.
You can be very precise about spending with subcategories structure and analyze with detailed analytics. For example, you want to know how much you spend on chocolate or coffee. Even more, TripExBud will show how much you will spend more on it till the end of your trip.
The most important TripExBud saves your money while you enjoy traveling. Firstly, you know the recommended amount for a trip. Secondly, you control expenses and know exactly how much spent, available, will spend. Finally, with projected amounts in forecast spend by categories you will be notified when to slow down with spending.

TripExBud is available on the App Store and requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

We’re working on the Android version 📱 and very soon it will be available on the Google Play Store. Do you want to be a first to whom we will notify? Subscribe here.

The Daily Budget is available funds for one day to stick the total budget at the end of your trip. It’s based on total available funds and the number of left days on the trip. Calculated by the following formula:

Daily Budget = Available funds / Days left

The Daily Average is an average daily spend amount. It’s based on total spent and passed a number of days. Calculated by the following formula:

Daily Average = Total Spent / Trip days

The Daily Funds is the available amount per day. It’s based on the daily budget and sum of expenses for the current day. The percentage shows the deviation of the previously available daily budget for the beginning of the day relative to the current. The daily funds are calculated by the following formula:

Daily Average = Daily budget – Sum of day expenses

The Budget advisor is a calculator for your trip budget. The averages are calculated amounts within categories and based on submitted by travelers’ expenses.  It gives you an understanding of how a country is expensive to travel so you can adjust the number of days and wisely plan your trip.

The Forecast spend is the prognosis of your expenses based on your beginning spending and recommendation from the budget advisor. You can configure any subcategories by turn on/off the forecast. It’s become more and more precise at the end of your trip. The Forecast spend helps you to stick your trip budget and saves money by notifying you to slow down in spending.

Go to Trip Details > Trip Summary > tap on top right icon.

For the Premium plan, there are no limits, however, the Standard plan is limited with 10 trips.

If you wish to create your subcategories with a Standard plan, just invite a friend by sending to him your referral code. Go to Menu > Invite friends.

After your friend installed TripExBud and added your referral code in Menu > Referral Code, you will get a notification about opened Personalized Subcategories feature.

Yes! 😃 TripExBud is a free app that can be installed from the App Store with the basic but still power version.

We offer the Premium plan subscription which will allow you to use Budget advisor, Forecast spend, unlimited trips, and many other features.

The standard plan of TripExBud is free, however, to use TripExBud to the maximum, we provide the TripExBud Premium subscription plan. There are monthly and annual versions. Yearly plans reward you for your loyalty at discounted prices.

TripExBud Premium 

Monthly subscriptions of TripExBud Premium costs $0.99. A yearly subscription costs $10.99. Please bear in mind that you will see prices in your local currency where applicable and you will also be charged in this currency. Also, prices may differ from country to country due to different taxation.

  • The personalized Budget advisor is based on other traveler’s spending and your previous preferences in expenses
  • The Forecast spend is based on your beginning expenses and recommendation from the budget advisor
  • Own subcategories that suit your needs. With Personalized Subcategories feature you always will be precise in your expenses
  • Unlimited number of trips
  • Export to .csv

You’re granted with Trial period from the beginning for the next 7 days to enjoy all Premium features during that period. After that time your plan will be switched to Standard (free) with base options.

After 7 days from installation TripExBud, the Trial period will be switched on the Standard plan. It’s a completely free plan with a basic set of TripExBud features.

If you wish to continue to use all benefits from TripExBud then upgrade to the Premium plan.

If it happened and you wish to cancel your subscription, you need to do it in your App Store account.

Cancel subscription:

  1. Access Settings in the home of your device;
  2. Scroll down and tap iTunes Store and AppStore;
  3. Tap your e-mail and Apple ID, View Apple ID and enter your password;
  4. Next, tap Subscription – Manage and select TripExBud
  5. Turn off the auto-renewal option and tap Done.

If you buy the Premium subscription previously and want to restore it, go to Menu > Restore in-App Premium.

To have your transactions secured on your phone, we recommend setting a passcode with Touch ID. To set the passcode, go to Menu > Sign In with Touch ID > Enter your passcode.

It’s very easy to fix. You should log in with Touch ID first, go to Menu > Sign In with Touch ID. Turn it off and set up again with a new passcode.

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